Now remember this: you are the person; this is the place, now is the occasion; right here is the time; the word is in your mouth; you are good enough; you know enough; you are spiritual enough.
~Ernest Holmes

Gabriella Schultz, RScP

Lead Practitioner

Bilingual in Spanish and English

Let us never forget the dance
Or lose the song
Or cease to dream
Or efface the mystery.
~ Alma Luz Villanueva

Let us journey this divine mystery together through affirmative prayer and spiritual counseling to the knowingness of One Mind, One Consciousness, the Omnipresent I am.

Fellow traveler, contact me. It is my privilege and spiritual sustenance to affirm the Truth.

Visionary educator: we are all both teachers and learners; we all have hearts that yearn to be seen, to be heard, to love and be loved.

Yoga instructor

Restorative Justice Advocate

Thank you is the prayer.

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