Knowledge is learning something everyday; wisdom is letting go of something everyday.
~Zen proverb

Pier Angeli LaPlace, RScP

Pier Angeli has been a religious science practitioner for sixteen years. With an interest in changing certain aspects of her life, Pier Angeli’s studies commenced shortly after her initial visit to a Science of Mind center in 1990.

Pier Angeli’s mastery of the religious science philosophy guides our evolving Center. Elaborating upon what she enjoys most about her role as a practitioner, Pier Angeli shared, “SOM principles are “terra firma” for me. Everyone including practitioners and ministers find themselves off-center from time to time. The spiritual practices and core principles of oneness with God, unity with all of life, wholeness, and perfection as the essence of life are a guiding compass for me. I rely on a deep intuitive knowing to guide me back to center, back to the truth of my being and all beings. Being a practitioner brings a joy and peace in my life that transcends my circumstances. Being of service to our Center and to all who seek prayer and comfort brings me the most joy. I am passionate about learning and love teaching SOM because to teach is to learn. The best teacher is an eternal learner.”

Pier Angeli herself is a beneficiary of practitioner prayer, and is enthusiastic and welcoming to all who seek prayer support. She is eager to help anyone desirous of transforming his or her life, or releasing old habits of lack, limitation, and separation.

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