I live in the faith that there is a Presence and Power greater than I am that nurtures and supports me in ways I could not even imagine. I know that this Presence is All knowing and All Power and is Always right where I am.
~Ernest Holmes

Our Licensed Practitioners

In addition to supporting our Prayer Ministry, licensed practitioners are also available for spiritual counseling sessions to help clients navigate challenges, obtain clarity and remember Truth. Working with a practitioner is similar to working with a therapist, except that practitioners apply spiritual principles in their work. Our licensed practitioners have gone through years of study and training in spiritual principles and practice, and must pass both written and oral exams prior to licensing. They are licensed by Centers for Spiritual Living to practice professionally.

Spiritual counseling sessions typically last about one hour, and can take place in person or by phone. Each session begins and ends with prayer, and is anchored in knowing that perfection is the true nature of the client. The practitioner supports the client in developing an awareness and understanding of the spiritual Truth of their being, so that false, limiting beliefs can consciously be released.

Practitioner sessions are a professional service. While some individuals choose to have a weekly session with their practitioner, others make appointments as needed.

Practitioners hold sacred the confidence of clients – what is shared in a session is never discussed with anyone, except where the practitioner is legally required to report specific events.
Have questions? Check out our Practitioner FAQs below. To find out more about our licensed Practitioners, please click on the pictures below.
Contact them directly to discuss scheduling and fees for individual spiritual counseling sessions.

Practitioner FAQs

1What is a Licensed Religious Science Practitioner?
A Practitioner is one who recognizes the deep and abiding harmony at the center of everything. A Licensed Professional Practitioner is a spiritual counselor trained to help clients:
  • understand the spiritual and mental aspects behind conditions in their lives, and
  • establish new beliefs grounded in spiritual principles

The role of a Practitioner is to help individuals make changes in their lives by making changes in their awareness and understanding of the nature and Truth of being. A Practitioner’s work is anchored in a conscious knowing that the spiritual truths which are always operating in the Universe are greater than any condition or situation, and that in the revelation of these truths in the lives of our clients, healing takes place.

Licenses to practice as a professional Religious Science Practitioner are granted by Centers for Spiritual Living following at least four years of study.
2What is a Spiritual Mind Treatment?
Sometimes called affirmative prayer, Spiritual Mind Treatment is a technique based on the principle that each individual is one with the I Am Presence. Through Spiritual Mind Treatment, we recognize our Oneness with all that is and remember the Truth and Perfection of being.
3How Do I Use the Services of a Licensed Practitioner?
A spiritual counseling session with a Licensed Professional Practitioner can help you understand your challenge and its possible cause. Sometimes you are too close to a situation to arrive at an objective viewpoint. Working with a Practitioner can help you work through situations and learn how to sustain results that will help in the future.
4Can I use Treatment for myself?
Yes! Try the following five steps:

  • Recognize that God is all there is and everything is God.
  • Remember your unity with the God that is in each of us, awaiting our conscious recognition of It.
  • Begin stating specific areas for identification and change through using attributes of God.
  • Begin to feel grateful for the answered prayer.
  • Release any desire to control the outcome and let the Law of God unfold.
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